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As a National Voice-Over Artist, with an acting background in Hollywood TV and Movies, and as the multi-award winning host of "The DUO" morning show on am780 KAZM in Sedona AZ (click here), Tom brings seasoned presence to his performances that will help you "Remember When" and relive the great old days of Graffiti Gold.

From '89 To '91 Tom produced and hosted his own syndicated TV show on KUTP in Phoenix, while also anchoring radio shows in Phoenix and Las Vegas. In '93 he co-starred in the premiere episode of the new "Route 66" for NBC. '94 found him starring as a body-snatching alien in New Line Cinema's motion picture sequel "Hidden II-The Spawning. In '95 Tom starred with Meg Foster and Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the motion picture "Undercover" for Axis Films International. In '96 Tom starred in his favorite role as the new Grizzly Adams in "Treasure Of Bear Mountain" with Joseph Campanella. He remains a member of the Screen Actors Guild and his acting highlights can be viewd at the International Movie Database website - (click here)IMDB_Logo

You may also recognize the name from his uncle, Vic Tayback, who starred for 9 seasons as Mel Sharples on the CBS hit "Alice". (click here)IMDB_Logo

Tom is extremely proud of this Graffiti Gold Show, a true blast from the past and a nostalgic trip down memory lane. It's always fun to recall your high school and college days, especially when they were from America's Golden Era of Rock And Roll.

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