The Daddy O's and Lady O...
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Lead Guitar-Douglas Forero:
Born in Glendale, CA he studied classical guitar at CA State Univ Northridge, and then studied with Steve Lynch (of Autograph), Jamie Glaser (of Jean-Luc Ponty) & John Pisano (of Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass). Moving to Sedona, AZ in 2011, he teachs, developes training materials and serves as music director for a local ministry.

Drummer-Gino Romeo:
Claims he was born in South Italy sometime during the 20th century?. At the age of 8, after a diet of wine and cheese since infancy, he acquires a taste for chicken (especially the "Drumsticks"). Once in the U.S. he was recruited by the Tom Tayback Band. A Rock and Roll true story???

Vocals-Kelly Ireland: Born in Hollywood, CA to parents with strong backgrounds in the arts. She studied classical Flute and still plays. As a vocalist, Kelly has perfromed throughout the U.S.. After puting it on the shelf for parenthood, she's now happy to be a "Lady O".

Bass Player-Brian Kirk: Born in Georgia, lived in San Francisco & Denver. Wherever he's been, Brian has always had a strong love for music. He was in high school & college bands, and studied Bass Performance at the Atlanta Institute of Music. He may be a lefty when playing the Bass, but in his right mind, he's proud to be a Daddy O.